Jaclynne + Taylor {Maternity} Virginia Beach Sunrise

With the crazy hot weather we’ve had in Virginia in the last few weeks, a sunrise session was just the thing to beat the heat. I’ll admit that getting up so early isn’t easy for me, but it is SO worth it. I met Jaclynne and Taylor in Virginia Beach just before sunrise. We had some amazingly gorgeous golden light to go along with the comfortable temperatures. Jaclynne looked so beautiful and I loved hearing how excited she and Taylor are about their son who will be born soon. I remember the anticipation during late pregnancy! When will he arrive? What will he look like? How will it feel to hold him? This was the first maternity session I’ve shot since having Theo and it was definitely extra special and much more personal than it’s ever been. Congratulations Jaclynne and Taylor! I am so excited for you and am honored to have captured this exciting time for you! 

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