Big News!

I’m at the time in life where whenever you say ANYTHING to the effect of having news to share, pregnancy is the first thing people jump to! In this case, I’m excited to say that it’s true! Nick and I have been waiting for what we felt was the right time to share and it’s finally here. We’re ready for the world to know! There’s some discussion about our actual due date, but right now it’s sitting at November 29. That seems like a long time away, but I know it’ll be here faster than I think!

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Lindsey + Gino {Engagement} Fort Monroe


I love it when couples have ideas for engagement session locations, especially when it’s a place that’s special to them as a couple. Lindsey and Gino have spent time at the Fort Monroe campground with their families. It’s also where they got engaged, so it was a natural choice for an engagement session spot. I loved walking around with these two. They are super laid back and laugh a lot when they’re together. I love people who don’t take themselves too seriously and Lindsey and Gino were great examples of that. Whether it was Gino offering to ride around Fort Monroe on the tailgate of their truck so that I could ride in the cab (and he did!) or Lindsey’s gorgeous smile when Gino would make her laugh, these two were so at east with themselves and each other that it truly made my job easy. We started off on the beach, did some exploring, and then ended the evening at the spot where Gino asked Lindsey to be his wife. I’m so excited to share some favorites!

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Anna + Joe {Maternity}


This post is a little late going up, but better late than never, right? I spent some time in Smithfield with Anna and Joe for their maternity session. These two have been in front of my camera quite a few times now and I love it every time. Anna and Joe welcomed their daughter Lucy to the world last Thursday, May 19! I’m so happy for these wonderful friends as they start this exciting new chapter of their lives. Love you Anna, Joe, and Lucy!

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Victoria {Just Because}


I don’t consider myself to be a big blogger. I’ve always struggled not only to say what I want to say in a blog post, but also just to find things to say that I think people will actually want to read. Having new work to share always helps and I could gush about my wonderful clients all day, but when wedding off-season comes, I struggle! You may or may not have noticed that my blog has been unusually quiet lately. That’s both for the reason I just mentioned and because I’m back at work full time temporarily. For anyone who doesn’t know me personally or just doesn’t know a ton about my life outside of photography, I’ve worked in an office job since I graduated from college in 2006. That job worked much out better than expected. It helps that I work with some great people. When I started my photography business in about 2012, I quickly became overwhelmed and realized that I couldn’t function as both a wedding photographer and a full time office manager. Fortunately I was able to start working part time and that has worked out well since then. In the past few weeks I’ve been needed full time temporarily, which worked out well timing-wise since there aren’t a ton of weddings in February and March. All that to say, I haven’t blogged because I’ve been very busy at work and once I got home, I frankly just haven’t felt like sitting in front of my computer and trying to think of something to blog about! However, when I realized that I hadn’t blogged in almost a month, I knew I needed to make the time. Fortunately I quickly remembered that I shot a session JUST FOR ME months and months ago that I only ever shared a handful of images from. I enjoyed going back through them after this long and I’m excited to share them with you.

A LONG time ago, I asked around to see who might have a tulle skirt I could borrow for a session I was envisioning. My friend Sarah lent me the skirt shown in these pictures that she made for a Halloween costume! I had the skirt for ages before I finally decided I needed to make it happen. I asked my sister-in-law Victoria if she would play model for me and luckily for me, she was all for it. She is a wonderful dancer so we decided to incorporate some dance elements like an old pair of pointe shoes. She was even gracious enough to spend several hours shopping with me to find the perfect neutral top. My other wonderful friend Jill did a fabulous job on Tori’s super-dramatic makeup that I had in mind. Thank you SO much to Sarah for the skirt, Jill for her time and talent, and to Tori for being beautiful as well as patient with me while I gave myself room to be creative.

It started out as a beautifully sunny evening but quickly clouded over and got rather dark. Even so, I’m glad I had the chance to shoot just for fun. I don’t make time for that often! I hope you enjoy a few of the shots from our time together.

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Corey Novotny - March 4, 2016 - 3:52 pm


I would like to read a blog post about where you thought your photography would go when you first found the passion and how that differs from where you are? Where you want it to take you in the future and what setting you would want to shoot if you had boundaries? African safari or maybe a specific shot you always had in your head as a dream since the day it all started? Maybe even something like an Alice in wonderland shot that is not conceived as possible without the imagination or photoshop or something? Just food for thought. I always had the vision of a half shot taking a cartoon image and splicing it down the middle with a set up true environment to try and match. Blend reality and a dream with your camera.

bethhamiltonphoto - May 12, 2017 - 3:20 pm

Corey, I’m somehow just getting around to seeing this comment! That’s a good thought, I’ll think about blogging about this in the future. Thanks!

Caitlyn {Bridal} Chrysler Museum of Art


Caitlyn’s bridal session was very short and the weather was not awesome (cold and about to rain any minute!), but everything still came together beautifully. Caitlyn purchased a gorgeous faux-fur wrap that was the perfect finishing touch. It gave a great sense of the season and added an extra touch of styling to her incredible Martina Liana gown. She was such a beautiful bride and I’m so happy we had the chance to capture these!  View full post »

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